Instagram Flatlays


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Milleflore Images specialises in a wide range of Instagram-style flatlays, featured in both our food and holiday photography, and stop motion videos.

'Instagram Flatlay' is a style of photography that involves taking photos from a bird’s-eye view, with objects arranged in a visually appealing manner.

It is a popular trend on Instagram and is often used to showcase products or tell a story. If your primary goal with Instagram is to showcase your products, you might want a Flatlay theme.

Flatlay is an effective way to tell a story simply by arranging objects in an image a certain way and makes it easier to direct viewers’ attention to a product.

Advertisers love stop motion!


Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique where objects are moved in small increments between photographed frames to appear to have independent motion.

The results are eye-catching videos, with a 'look-ma-no-hands' look, that is very popular with advertisers and stock video users.

We have 500+ stop motion videos, covering a wide range of subjects - including food preparation, holiday themes, healthy lifestyle, and more - all available exclusively from Pond5 video agency.

Photography that helps you stand out from the crowd.

With on-trend Instagram-style flatlay styling and rich vibrant colors, our high quality images will help your blog posts, social media advertising and all your photography needs stand out from the crowd.

Our range includes food photography, table settings, healthy lifestyle, pro-environment, blog hero headers, travel, seasonal, holidays, and more!

Choose from vintage, romantic, modern, or on-trend styling for your imagery needs.

Our photographs are also accompanied by matching stop motion animated videos in many cases.