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Milleflore Images understands the imagery needs of your business. Whether you are an online seller, a party supply designer looking for mockups, or a web builder or blogger needing high impact imagery, we offer a wide range of photography, video, and designs to cater to all your needs.

Looking for food photography for your blog? Bright, colorful holiday stock? Healthy lifestyle or pro-environment instagram-style flatlays? Stop motion video? Then you have come to the right place.

With a portfolio of over 10,000 images and 3,000 stock footage video, Milleflore Images offers bright and colorful stock photos, on-trend styling, and professional imagery - all designed to help you stand out from the crowd.

We offer quality too. Milleflore Images uses professional full frame cameras, and editing software to bring you large, quality images, that are clean, noise-free, with extra high 350 DPI, and razor-sharp focus.

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With over a decade of experience including graphic design, professional photography, videography, and stop motion animation, Milleflore Images creates imagery that help your business grow.

Explore our range of over 10,000 images and 3,000 stock footage video.

Our Story

Located in sunny South Australia, Milleflore Images is a combination of two words: Mille (French for a thousand) and Flore (flowers), referencing owner Annie's nature and garden photography before she started her stock imagery business at the end of 2012. 

Her philosphy has always been, 'when they zig, you zag', and she went on to sell over 200,000 photos and videos over the next 8 years by offering stock imagery that was different to the typical generic stock available at that time.

With a bachelor of business, diplomas in photography and graphic design, and a background in accounting, marketing, and business consulting, Annie was able to draw on this experience to help her business grow.

Food Photography

“My father was a chef, so from an early age food became much more than just a meal as it was about creativity. Today, I am also lucky enough to have the opportunity of translating my love of cooking, via it's myriad of rich colors and textures, through my photography." ~ Annie, Milleflore Images

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Mediterranean Diet Wins 2024 Best Diet.

The Mediterranean diet, with an emphasis on overall diet quality rather than a single food group or nutrient, swept the categories. It won in the category of Best Diets Overall, along with Best Diets for Diabetes, Best Heart-Healthy Diets, Easiest Diets to Follow, Best Diets for Bone and Joint Health, Best Family-Friendly Diets, and Best Diets for Healthy Eating.

Food Photography by Milleflore Images 2024

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Fruit of the Australian Lilly Pilly tree known as a superfood for their nutritional value. The edible berries are traditionally made into jams and chutneys but can be enjoyed in many ways.

Known by the Australian aborigines as 'medicine food', Lilly Pillies are now appearing on restaurant menus all over the world.

Food Photography by Milleflore Images 2024

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Edible Flowers! Not only are they beautiful and easy to grow yourself but they are often packed full of nutrition, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and vitamins and minerals.

Food photography by Milleflore Images 2024.

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Every mockup is pure perfection. Thank you for helping us to create lovely listings!


- Parties by the Bundle


OBSESSED with this set up! I was thinking about doing a Halloween collection in non traditional colors but always put it off until I came across this mock up and I am in love!


- Smash Caked


This mockup is PERFECT!

I struggle with photoshop, so this was truly a lifesaver for me. Love it!


- Print With Manjo

Hello world

Looking for printed merchandise?

Print on Demand Products

Fine Art America

Our photography can now be printed on wall art, greeting cards, tote bags, phone covers, jigsaw puzzles, and much more.

We fully endorse Fine Art America/ to produce the most beautiful high quality printed merchandise. We use them for our own personalised goods, as well as give them to friends and family as gifts, who are always delighted to receive them. The quality is really outstanding!

Artwork and photography by Milleflore Images, printed by Fine Art America/