“Video content is a great way to provide your audience with a more comprehensive and creative message.” ~ Adobe Stock

Milleflore Images offers a wide range of over 3,000 stock video footage. drone aerials, stop motion animations, animated text, and greenscreens - including holiday themes, healthy lifestyle, pro-environment, food, and Australian tourism.


What is Stop Motion?

Stop motion is an animated filmmaking technique where objects are moved in small increments between photographed frames to appear to have independent motion.

The results are eye-catching videos, with a 'look-ma-no-hands' look, that is very popular with advertisers and stock video users. 

We have 500+ stop motion videos, covering a wide range of subjects - including food preparation, holiday themes, healthy lifestyle, and more - all available exclusively from our Pond5 video site.  


Healthy Lifestyle, Plastic-free, & Pro-environment!

Needing some classy stop motion videos to promote your healthy lifestyle sites? Milleflore Images' stop motions are now available exclusively to Pond5 video agency.


Merry & Bright!

All the color, food and fun of holidays from Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Valentines, Easter, St Patricks Day - and more! 


Busy Office!

Business, finance, and technology stock video clips by Milleflore Images are now available from Adobe Stock. Includes standard motion, timelapses, and lots of busy hands!


The Colors of Australia

Beautiful coastlines, beaches, wineries, and the flora and fauna of Down-Under.  Drone aerials too!

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