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With over a decade of experience including graphic design, professional photography, videography, and stop motion animation, Milleflore Images creates imagery that help your business grow.

Explore our range of over 10,000 images and 3,000 stock footage video. 

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Milleflore Images understands the imagery needs of your business. Whether you are a online seller, party supply designer looking for mockups, a web builder or blogger needing high impact imagery, we offer a wide range of photography, video, and designs for all your needs. 

Our Products

Over 10,000 images & 3,000 video


Milleflore Designs specializes in product mockups, styled stock photography, and framed border backgrounds & banners, with on-trend styling, colorful holiday themes, and latest design trends.

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Milleflore Images offers a wide range of stock video, drone aerials, stop motion animations, animated text, and greenscreens - including holiday themes, healthy lifestyle, pro-environment, food, and Australian tourism.

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Our photography can now be printed on wall art, greeting cards, tote bags, phone covers, jigsaw puzzles, and much more.

Choose from over 30 products and 5,000 images. 

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We help you stand out

Our photography is designed to help you stand out.

Whether it's with the latest on-trend styling, bright colors, or just great images with strong dynamic range, our photography will leave a lasting impression.

What is dynamic range? Dynamic range is 'the measurement between the maximum and minimum values that can be perceived in an image or video.' This is what the subconsious eye sees, and recognizes as appealing.

"The greater the dynamic range, the fuller the image and deeper the detail. That’s why a strong dynamic range is essential to any photographer or filmmaker. In scenes with significant contrast between light and dark colours, dynamic range is an important consideration." ~ Adobe Stock


With over 10,000 images available for purchase, Milleflore Images covers a wide range of sought-after themes and subjects, including product mockups, styled stock photos, holiday & events, and Australian tourism photography. 

Our specialty is year-round holiday images, with over 6,000 photos and 2,000 videos of bright, colorful, on-trend holiday stock as well as pro-environmental, preventative healthcare, healthy lifestyle, business and finance, as well as a wide selection of food photography.

Living in Australia, our portfolio also includes a wide range of South Australian beaches and wineries footage and photography, including driving POVs and drone aerials.  To find out more, click on the links below.


Printed Merchandise


Stop Motion, Drone Aerials & More

Product mockups represent a large part of our core business for 2023. They are perfect for showcasing your designs, fonts, lettering, crafts, and SVG designs for seller's listings, marketing, media, online marketplace listings, and creative projects.

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Annie of Milleflore Images, the author of these articles, has a Bachelor of Business, diplomas in photography and graphic design, and a background in accounting, marketing, and business consulting. Here are some of her marketing and design tips to help your business grow!

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