“Photography is like exploring a new dimension, only I can go there but I can show you where I've been.” ~ Anon

Milleflore Images specializes in product mockups, styled stock photography, framed border backgrounds & banners, with on-trend styling, colorful holiday themes. Explore our range of over 10,000 photos.
We use professional styling, full frame cameras, and editing software to bring you large, quality images, that are clean, noise-free, with extra high 350 DPI, and razor-sharp focus.

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Food Photography

Exclusive Images

Curated collection of food photography exclusive to The Picture Pantry stock image library.


Minimalist Designs

Perfect for showcasing sellers' designs, crafts, SVGs, party supplies, marketing, social media, online marketplace listings, and creative projects. New party range available now!

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On-trend styling

Food, table settings, healthy lifestyle, blog hero headers, instagram-style flatlays, and more. 


Merry & Bright.

Bright and colorful holiday stock photos, backgrouinds and banners from Halloween through to Independence Day, and all the holidays inbetween. Check out our range of festive candyland cakes too!

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The Colors of Australia

Beautiful coastlines, beaches, wineries, and the flora and fauna of Down-Under.  Drone aerials included too!

Where to buy our imagery

See our full range of high quality photography, product mockups, stop motion animation, designer resources, printed merchandise and videos available now.