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Milleflore Images specializes in photography, graphic design, and stop motion video, with on-trend themes for designers, online marketplace sellers, and bloggers. 

Annie of Milleflore Images, the author of these articles, has a Bachelor of Business, diplomas in photography and graphic design, and a background in accounting, marketing, and business consulting.

Marketing and design tips for designers and small businesses

5 Reasons Why the Right Images Are Important for Marketing

Visuals, such as photos, illustrations, and icons, make highly effective memory tools and especially useful for things like brand recognition.

How To Use Color for Branding

Color can consistently influence age, gender, and cultural demographics in distinct ways. So it’s not surprising that due to its high impact psychological effects, color psychology is widely used in marketing.

The Meanings of Colors

Color produces emotional responses that can then be used to brand and market your products and services to your preferred audiences. In this post, I will discuss the meanings and target audiences for each of the main colors.

How to Maximize Your Seller's Listing Photo Slots

Photo slots are wonderful features to use for listing your product. Use them as marketing tools, attention-grabbers, and as a means of communicating quickly and directly to browsing customers.

Design Trends: Scandi

One of the most popular and enduring design trends at the moment is the Scandi, or Scandinavian, style. Another popular style from Scandinavia, is the Boho or Bohemian look, but Scandi and Boho are not to be confused, and in many ways, are polar opposites.

Design Trends: Modern Country

One of my favorite style trends is what is Modern Country – a beautiful, relaxed blend of the outgoing Farmhouse style and the more contemporary and streamlined elements borrowed from a mix of Hamptons, Industrial, and traditional country styles.

10 Best Marketing Tips to Grow Your Online Shop

There are many blogs about how to grow your online business with social media, SEO optimization, or how to write the best titles. This blog offers solutions that are not necessarily well covered in these other articles.

How to Find Your Target Market

Knowing your target market is pivotal to most marketing and operating business decisions. From creating your brand image, designing your products, through to all your marketing decisions, and even defining your SEO.

How to Succeed in a Saturated Market

Today's high-tech advancements have opened a huge online marketplace where one can sell almost anything to anyone anywhere in the world. But it has it's downside: everybody else knows about it too!