The secret ingredient in cooking is always


My father was a chef, and I often recall the first time I asked him to teach me how to cook. It went something like this:

Dad: Put some butter into the pan.

Me: How much?

Dad: Enough.

Me: ?????

Yes, very confusing for a young 10 year old girl. Of course, what he did teach me was to feel the process and that has assisted me all these years, not only for cooking but eventually for my photography too.

~ Annie, Milleflore Images.


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Using only natural light, professional full frame cameras and equipment, and featuring on-trend styling, our aim is to produce high quality photography for popular themes and food subjects.

Our work predominantly covers the following subject areas:

  • baking, sweets & desserts,
  • botanicals,
  • plant-based diet and health food,
  • Australian favorites, and
  • festive food.


Milleflore Images uses the latest trends in food photography styling to suit our buyers varying aesthetic needs. Whether it's dark with a touch of romance, light with a hint of grunge, colorful texture backgrounds, or modern color blocking, we've got you covered.

Where to buy our exclusive food photography

As from 2024, we are proud to announce that Milleflore Images is now a contributor to The Picture Pantry.

Founded by award-winning food photographers, The Picture Pantry is now one of the most respected food stock libraries in the world.

"The curated collection of imagery is cared for by a small independent team who maintain a consistent style, utilising photographs provided by some of the finest photographers in the field." - The Picture Pantry.