Design Trends: Scandi

One of the most popular and enduring design trends at the moment is the Scandi, or Scandinavian, style.

Another popular style from Scandinavia, is the Boho or Bohemian look, but Scandi and Boho are not to be confused, and in many ways, are polar opposites.

Scandi is known for its clean lines, white walls, and minimalist look, while Boho, with all its 1970’s macrame, rainbows, feathers, large vases of dried flowers, palm fronds, shadows, and darker browns and tan hues, is often a maximalist’s dream.

The Scandi Look for 2022

Many top architects and designers are from Scandinavia, and have been responsible for the endurance and popularity of this beautiful, minimalist style.

The beauty of Scandi comes from its combination of light backdrops of white walls mixed with natural materials, light wood, with touches of black elements. This year, navy has replaced black, and neutral creams, off-whites, and light tans, combine with natural wood, concrete, with some brass elements.

Texture is still a big feature of Scandi. Beige knits and woven blankets combine with raw wood and natural materials, minimalist artwork, and inviting plush rugs against the colder concrete floors.

Slim-line Nordic vases are still in, but feathers, rainbows and dried palms are definitely on the way out.

The Scandi Christmas

As many sellers start to prepare their new holiday ranges, it’s a good time to consider incorporating the Scandi Christmas feel into your photography or designs for the holiday season.

White or off-white backgrounds are a must, and then add texture and balance with natural fibers and hues. Top it off with some traditional Scandinavian elements such as natural gift wrapping, minimalist trees and reindeers designs, and touches of black or navy contrasts to make the whole styling pop.

For 2022, you can also incorporate more color if you wish, using pale hues of blue, green, and muted colors. Trees and decorations are sparse with dried oranges decorations still being very popular. Dehydrated oranges can easily be made at home by slicing them thinly and baking them in your oven or air fryer set at lowest temperatures for a few hours.

Scandi Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping can include minimalist reindeer and tree icons set against a white or beige background. If you are having trouble locating these, making your own is not that difficult.

You can make your own gift wrapping by following the many internet tutorials about how to create patterns with Photoshop or online design sites, and then print them out at home. A4 or US letter white paper is perfect for small gifts, and then use brown Kraft or white gift wrapping for larger ones - or use belli-bands. Belli-bands, smaller sheets wrapped around larger gifts, can incorporate your Scandi pattern, and look great set against the natural tones of Kraft paper and string.

Other elements can include the popular clay decorations and gift tags often seen available at Christmastime, natural leaves or spruce, pine cones, plus lots of natural string instead of holiday ribbons.

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